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Plumwich fabrics made into bedding in New York’s Summerhill Showroom.

Front small pillows: Surrey in Beige

Back larger pillows:Paisley in Aqua Silver

Duvet: Paisley in Aqua Silver

Summerhill NYC: 979 Third Ave. #532 NY, NY 10022 T. +1 212 935 6376

Plumwich fabrics made into cushions.

(From Left): Tessa in Blue/Midnight Blue, Greek Key in Saddle Brown, Tessa in Blue/Midnight Blue, Clover in Maroon.

Plumwich Patterns

(From Left): Cefalu in Olive, Greek Key in Forest Green, and Clover in Strong Caper

Plumwich Pattern in Tessa

Plumwich Patterns

(from left) Cefalu in Aqua Green, Greek Key in Cyan, Belluno Aqua Green, and Surrey in Aqua Green

Plumwich Patterns

(from left) Paisley in Royal Blue and Chloe in Indigo

Plumwich Patterns

(from left) Seahorses in Hazelnut, Seahorses in Aqua Blue, and Aquamarine in Aqua Blue.

Plumwich “Belluno” at Nicky Rising Showroom T. +1 310 289 1385

Plumwich Patterns

Pattern: Tessa / Color: Blue/Midnight Blue

Plumwich “Surrey” at Mary Mahoney Palm Beach T. +1 561 655 8288

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Plumwich fabrics in New York’s Summerhill Showroom Window.

Left: Greek Key pattern in Lime color (hanging on wall.)  Tessa pattern in Blue & Midnight Blue (folded on table).

Above: Cushions in Tessa pattern in Dark & Light Salmon color.

Summerhill NYC: 979 Third Ave. #532 NY, NY 10022 T. +1 212 935 6376